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  • By Julie
  • 5th August 2018

How to have a guilt free holiday!

How to have a guilt free holiday!

How to have a guilt free holiday! 320 256 Julie

​Most people don’t go on holiday that often, maybe a couple of times a year if we are lucky! So I’ll always say just enjoy it!However…… two weeks is a long time to be eating everything in sight and will undo your good work if you’re not careful, cause old symptoms to return, and leave you feeling not too great on your return!
I have a massive sweet tooth, and if I’m given an inch…. Well you know the rest…… So I do have certain strategies that help me deal with holidays and such!

The first thing is! The heathy habits you are trying to implement such as eating more veggies, drinking more water or being more active are lifestyle habits, and lifestyle habits are just that! To get the benefits they need to BECOME part of your lifestyle.
They need to become part of your lifestyle wherever you are. On holiday or not!

So even though the best of us will eat more than usual, maybe more ice cream, more roasted marshmallows! Drink more, or eat more of the sweet stuff! You should still be able to maintain those certain lifestyle habits.

They will not only keep you feeling good they’ll also help you from going OTT.

That being said we all get a bit more relaxed on holiday, so here’s a couple of strategies that work for me so I can still have my cake and eat it…….as such!

1) Offset the excess – I generally try and stick to the same principles, eating the way I like to eat. The way that makes me feel good. But then I might have fish and chips one day, maybe pizza another, most probably with an ice cream or pud the same day. I Just offset it by eating lighter the rest of the day, or even the next day.

2) Skip a meal. Very often you don’t need breakfast. Sometimes maybe you’ll have a big breakfast and don’t need any lunch so you can get away with a treat later on for example.

3) Choose your treats – Try and eat what you really like. It’s very easy to eat for the sake if it on holiday but save yourself for the thing you really love. You’ll enjoy it all the more.

4) If you do have a day where you just can’t stop eating, maybe there’s too much temptation about that day. Don’t sweat it! You’re on holiday, hopefully it won’t happen every single day, and just revert back to your usual strategies the next day and ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!

5) Exercise wise, I tend to actually exercise more, we are normally active in the day anyway, swimming in the sea, paddle boarding or walking etc, and as I’m an early riser I always walk or run first thing. I actually really love it on holiday, being up, taking in all the views first thing, but I understand that’s not for everyone….

​Remembering that this is a lifestyle thing and just generally trying to get some enjoyable activity in to your day. A walk, swim in the ocean, kayaking whatever you like doing. Even if its 10 minutes here and there! If you’re not sure what to do, try some things out! Try something new!
The most important thing is to enjoy your holiday so that you can still enjoy the occasional treats without scuppering your health goals or undoing all your good work.​Remembering this is a lifestyle thing and not a ‘on the wagon, off the wagon’ type of thing. Everybody likes ice cream, sweets, or whatever your favourite treat is, its just what else you’re eating around it, and how much! So offset it, be mindful about your choices and have a great time! 
 Julie xx

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