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1-2-1 weight loss support

Your one to one weight loss programme includes;

  • An in-depth consultation to discuss your health, current concerns and any underlying imbalances that may be affecting your weight.
  • A personalised report tailored specifically for you. This will involve food and lifestyle first, and later on may include supplement and testing advice if required.
  • A weekly reflection form to help you reflect on what you are finding easy and what you are struggling with, help us refine your plan, and keep you on track.
  • ​A weekly menu review to educate and help you plan and be in charge of your own eating patterns.
  • Weekly phone calls or contact via the internet with myself to keep you accountable and address any issues or struggles.
  • Access to recipes, meal plans and relevant handouts.
  • Opportunity to receive added support through phone calls, emails or messages.